Justice Tarot Card Meaning

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- June 16, 2022
Written by Aimi Davis 
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Justice Tarot Card Meaning

The eighth card in the Major Arcana, The Justice Tarot Card, will appear to you when consequences for choices and actions are in play. 

Karmic justice, legal consequences and situations that are affected by root causes should be the focus of this reading. 

The Justice Tarot Card is not about punishment but rather what is fair. 

So although you may also be the centre of this reading, don’t be too quick to rule out your own part in any events that negatively affect others. 

Justice Tarot Key Facts

  • The idea that Justice represents retribution is not accurate. While some will “pay” for their actions, the card is far more objective than this and speaks to universal balance and fairness.  

  • As the eighth card, the number 8 is important, and while it speaks to power and strength, it relates to the power and strength derived from honesty and truth. 

Justice Tarot Keywords


  • Justice 
  • Karmic Justice 
  • Consequences
  • The Law
  • Truth
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Life Lessons


  • Injustice
  • Dishonesty
  • Corruption 
  • Lack Of Accountability
  • Dishonesty
  • Unfairness 
  • Avoidance
  • Karmic Retribution

Justice Upright Meaning

In all matters in life, there are consequences for our actions, a universal cause and effect. Whether our actions are intentional or not, they still affect your journey and the journey of others. 

There is always a need to restore balance in the cosmos, and as your actions or those of others affect people’s vibrations, balance is disturbed, and this needs to be remedied for us to move forward.  

The Justice Card appearing is usually seen as a positive card, signifying resolution and restoration of the order of things. Therefore, any conflicts you may find yourself in, legal or otherwise, should be resolved favourably. 

Now is a time to reflect on your choices and keep a cool head. Honesty and integrity or virtues you should embrace fully. 

How to interpret the upright Justice tarot card?

Do not imagine yourself as faultless. Justice can be as much for oneself as for others. 

Internal conflicts may require healing from self-inflicted wounds. Consider your role in your life, and seek a deeper understanding of your truth. 

Legal disputes and the difference between right and wrong are the central focus when this card appears. 

Of course, justice isn’t always as straightforward as you may want it to be, but a resolution is approaching. 

Love and relationships

Lady Justice is on your side in relationship readings. 

If you’re single and have suffered injustices in past relationships, balance will be restored soon. 

The Justice Card indicates that someone who understands integrity and kindness will come into your life soon and treat you as you deserve to be treated.  

For those that have treated you unkindly or unfairly, their just desserts are formulating, and they will receive karmic justice, in one form or another. 

You and your partner will be rewarded if you find yourself in a committed relationship marked by honesty and integrity. 

However, deception is at play if you aren’t communicating openly, with respect for one another's feelings. 

The truth about your actions and emotions will be revealed soon.  

Money and career

In the Upright Position, your dedication to financial welfare will be rewarded. 

Diligence and integrity in finance are essential, and you’ve displayed those characteristics in your money matters. 

If you’re ready to risk a new opportunity, this card is a promising omen.

Lady Justice seeks to offer you the truth. First, you must find time to balance your work and personal life. 

While you may think you’re dedicated to your career, you are limiting opportunities for growth by absconding from an essential part of life. 

Health and spirituality

Good health is an integral part of life, and The Justice card signals that you're health is currently out of balance. 

You may be overindulging in activities that harm your overall wellbeing. This is a time to exercise and practice moderation.

Spiritually, Karma is coming your way. Remove the labels, good or bad, life lessons need to be taught, and your choices have informed which lessons you need to learn while you’re on your journey. 

The sooner you acknowledge and learn these lessons, the more fulfilled you feel. 

Justice Tarot Reversed Meaning

When The Justice Card is revealed from the Tarot Deck in Reverse, it signifies a certain lack of accountability, that injustice has occurred and that there is an unwillingness to face karmic justice and atone. 

How you react to any circumstance or situation is within your control. If you can choose to behave with integrity, you will be the better for it. 

Life may not seem fair sometimes. You may be victimised, abused, or falsely accused of something. 

How you respond to these situations will define you. 

Keep your head up. If you are at fault, own it. Admit your part in wrongdoing and free yourself from negative energy. Doubling down and refusing to be accountable would be wrong. 

If you’re involved in any litigation or legal issues, the outcome will not be as you hope. 

Prepare for injustice. 

How to interpret the reversed Justice tarot card?

In Tarot readings, Justice is fair. In our shortsighted sense of the world, there are inescapable consequences that we try to avoid at all costs. 

Avoidance is the cause of negative energy. Atoning for wrongdoing is restorative. It heals the soul. 

When this card appears, you have spent much energy avoiding your accountability, and it's time to change your ways or continue to suffer the consequences. 

Love and relationships (reversed)

With your love life, all is not as it appears, and whether that is at your hands or your partner, deception or cheating may be at the centre of it. 

The repercussions of this deceit will be delivered swiftly. 

However, examine and reflect on how you may have contributed to the situation. If you believe you’re not at fault, see things from their perspective before making judgements. 

If you’re single and a new relationship is perhaps on the horizon, be cautious if you have been unkind and true to previous partners. Cosmic justice is coming your way. 

If you have experienced bad luck romantically, remember to balance newfound romance with the rest of your life. 

Don’t lose yourself in the honeymoon phase of dating. Instead, establish boundaries, and find a healthy balance. 

Money and career (reversed)

Keep a firm grip on your financials. But, on the other hand, don’t be too trusting and avoid any unnecessary financial risks. 

You will fall victim to some form of injustice in relation to your money. 

Your career isn't going exactly as you had thought it would. Instead, you be the victim of injustice in your work environment and are being mistreated. 

Confronting those responsible will not serve you in any positive way right now. So first, reflect on any wrongdoing or a lack of integrity on your part. 

There may be more to this than you believe. 

If some form of karmic justice is played out in your professional life, learn from it, and try not to repeat the same mistakes.

The card may also be speaking to a lack of balance in your life. Make time for more than work, as this imbalance negatively affects your energy. 

Health and spirituality (reversed)

Regarding your health, take time to practice self-care in the Reversed Position. You are less inclined to give yourself the necessary attention and rest than you deserve. 

This lack of moderation and care in your life will eventually lead to a health issue developing. 

Spiritually, all lessons are good if you heed their divine message and evolve. 

Without growth, your existence will be nothing more than a continuous cycle of the same thing, just a different day. 

Each time you refuse to grow, refuse to own your shortcomings and learn from them, the universe will simply hurl more significant challenges in front of you, the consequences of which will be severe. 

You are of the divine. Therefore, treat your journey through life as one where you leave richer in spirit than when you began. 

Justice Tarot Card A Yes or No Question?

As Justice is an objective commentator on life and our actions, typically, it is not considered or used to determine a yes or no. 

However, truth is always something that should be pursued, so if you are looking for an answer relating to truth, it is a yes. 

Is the Justice tarot card good?

Yes, The Justice Tarot Card is good. So many fear accounting for their actions and owning their wrongdoings, but the truth is liberating.  

If you have been wronged, balance and consequences will manifest. 

What element does the Justice card represent?

It represents the element of Air, which speaks to our mind, the ability to think, understand, reflect and experience ideas or moments in our minds. 

Justice takes place for both parties in the realm of the mind.  

How do you read a Justice card?

In a single card reading, The Justice Card can be interpreted with the symbolic figures within the card and looking for meaning and understanding about your life. 

The Just Card communicates truth as much as justice. Therefore, your reading should be met with self-reflection. 

The Card can speak to specific parts of your life in a combination reading. 

Based on the card combinations, ultimately, justice, the right and fair consequence will manifest. 

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