The Page of Cups Tarot Card

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- July 30, 2022
Written by Aimi Davis 
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The Page of Cups is an exceptionally mystical and fascinating card from the Minor Arcana tarot deck.

A new beginning is approaching.

Especially when it relates to matters of the heart, romance and intimacy.

This card heralds a time of innocence, purity and charm.

You may find yourself attracted to someone who seems "too good to be true".

Beware of being too trusting or gullible during this time.

Your path requires attention. You have tremendous potential, but you've possibly lost your sense of self.

If you need advice on reading tarot cards such as this, let us give you the knowledge you need.

Let us be your guiding light if you've ever felt unsure about what the Page of Cups means.

Commonly associated keywords

  • New beginnings.
  • Purity.
  • Charm.
  • Innocence (Dreamer).
  • Trust (Truth).
  • Gullibility.
  • Naive.
  • Happiness.
  • Wisdom.
  • Children (Family).

Key facts

  • The Page of Cups is a Minor Arcana tarot card.
  • This card is associated with the element of Water.
  • The Page of Cups can represent a child or young person.
  • It has strong ties with the zodiac sign of Cancer.
  • It's heavily linked to the Moon.

How is the Page of Cups depicted?

The Page of Cups is often depicted as a young boy or girl standing beside a serene body of Water.

They're donning a light blue floral tunic. You'll notice a gold cup (or goblet) in the young boy's hand.

A fish looks at the young person on this card as it comes out of the cup. The fish in this illustration is a symbol of the unexpected.

"Expect the unexpected" is often considered to be the key message of this card.

The Page of Cups is commonly associated with blue, silver and pink colours. These colors represent Water and emotion, respectively. Blue can also represent intuition, while silver often symbolizes psychic ability.

Upright position (meaning)

If you're lucky enough to get the Page of Cups upright, it can mean a new adventure is on the horizon.

Your interpretation of the messages this card brings depends on your present situation.

Are you in touch with your spirituality? Are you ready to accept new guidance and help?

This new beginning could be linked with your love life or a creative endeavour into which you've invested significant time.

There's a burning desire to have some fun and be a little more carefree as if you were a kid again.

Remember how excited you used to be as a child?

Why not explore those feelings of joy again?

As a result, when you see this card, it's a message from your spirit guide not to take yourself (or life) too seriously.

The Page of Cups may be a powerful ally in helping us heal the wounds caused by any childhood trauma you may have endured.

Were there any situations that caused you emotional distress?

Understanding the impact of your past traumas requires revisiting difficult memories.

But it's worth it because once you process and release the pain, your inner child will be free to play again.

Reversed position (meaning)

In the reversed position (upside down), the Page of Cups can represent naïveté, gullibility or be manipulated easily.

You might be feeling deceived by someone you thought you could trust.

This person could have taken advantage of your good nature and generosity. As a result, you might feel aggrieved, upset and even backstabbed.

In particular, be cautious of anyone who seems "too good to be true".

They might be hiding something sinister behind their charming facade.

This is a time in your life when your intuition will be tested.

If you become too paranoid, you may burn bridges with loved ones who deserve a second chance.

Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes people can change for the better.

So, don't be too quick to write someone off just because they've made a couple of missteps in the past.

We all deserve second chances, even if we don't always take them.

Love and relationships

Regarding matters of the heart, the Page of Cups can represent a new romance on the horizon. You should feel excited if you've managed to get this card during a tarot reading.

This person is likely to be someone you've known for a while. You've always had a platonic element to your relationship.

You've both been too afraid and shy to admit how you feel.

Maybe you're scared they won't share the same connection as you.

You're now suddenly seeing them in a new light, and your romantic feelings are starting to become uncontrollable.

If you're in a relationship, the Page of Cups can represent the beginning of a new phase in your partnership.

You and your partner might be moving in together or taking your relationship to the next level by getting engaged or even considering marriage.

We encourage you to have a childlike curiosity about your relationship and your future together.

Reconnect with your partner through spontaneous acts of love. This could be a gift, a date or a change in your sex life.

Don't back away from exploring new opportunities by blocking your emotions. Let your romantic energy flow, and the universe will reward you!

Career and finances

In a career reading, the Page of Cups is a positive omen.

But... good things don't come to those to wait. It comes to those who take action. Now is that time.

You should trust your instincts and pursue any new opportunities that come your way.

Considering a new career? Maybe you've finally decided to launch your own business.

This is a time of positive change, so don't be afraid to take risks.

Those risks could turn out to be life-changing.

Your soul is only accepting positive energy. If you have coworkers or business partners who do not fit the bill, you should reconsider their presence in your life.

Your spirit guides tell you to expect a financial windfall regarding your finances.

This could be from past investments or an inheritance. You need to remain grounded when you receive this money. Money can change people's behavior.

Don't become too flamboyant or flashy.

Is the Page of Cups a yes card?

The Page of Cups is a personification of good news, feeling youthful, and being free. When this card comes up in a tarot reading, it's a good sign that means success and freedom. Because of all of these things, the answer to your question is yes.

Zodiac and Astrology

The Page of Cups is a compassionate and loving card which perfectly suits the Cancer zodiac sign. Both the Page of Cups and Cancerians enjoy giving and receiving love. They also share a strong intuition, which they should learn to listen to.

Powerful tarot card combinations

We often find powerful tarot card combinations for the Page of Cups, including The Sun, Ace of Pentacles, and Six of Swords. These cards represent success, good news, and a change for the better.

Page of Cups and The Sun

The Page of Cups and The Sun is a favourable combination that suggests tremendous success, promising news, and happy times. This is an excellent omen for anyone going through a tough time or working on manifesting their dreams into reality.

Page of Cups and Ace of Pentacles

This powerful duo is an incredibly influential combination for your finances. This could come from a raise, bonus, or inheritance. When these cards appear together, you should feel confident and optimistic about your finances.

Page of Cups and Six of Swords

A time of healing is expected from this pairing. You're finally ready to move on from a difficult situation. The Six of Swords promises that better times are ahead. You have the strength to get through this tough time. Things will eventually get better.

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