The Devil Tarot Card Meaning

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- June 25, 2022
Written by Aimi Davis 
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Key Facts

  • The figure in The Devil Tarot Card, in Satyr form, is the pagan idol Baphomet. Said to be once worshipped by The Knights Templar, the figure has since been adopted by many occult organisations worldwide as a symbolic representation of Satan.
  • In a Traditional Deck, The Devil Tarot Card is not a representation of the actual devil but rather the wrong choices that we as humans make that shackle us to the concepts and desires that corrupt us. 

Remember, there is no devil. 

He does not exist. 

He is only what you allow him to be. His power of you only grows if you feed him with your misshapen desires. 

Below the satyr sit two nude figures in chains. 

Shackled by their materialistic wants, they are now enslaved by their warped sense of reality and wrong choices. 

The Devil’s appearance is a sign that you hold onto an unhealthy addiction. 

The chains hang loosely, though, an illusion of imprisonment. 

They are capable of freeing themselves at any time if they have clarity of vision and can see the truth.  

If you draw The Devil Tarot Card, know that all is not as it appears. 

Your value system requires attention as it has skewed decidedly towards materialistic gratification, and spiritually, you remain stunted. 

Powerful Keywords


  • Independence
  • Freedom 
  • Revelation
  • Release
  • Reclaiming Power 
  • Reclaiming Control


  • Oppression
  • Addiction
  • Obsession
  • Dependency
  • Excess
  • Powerlessness 
  • Limitations

The Devil Upright Meaning

When the 11th Tarot card from the Major Arcana appears upright, it clearly warns: Things are not as they seem, and you are not powerless in your current circumstances. 

Your sense of agency has been diminished, but you lack the perspective needed to see that this is all an illusion. 

The more you feed this sense of disempowerment, the more you will fall into the devil’s trap and continue to languish in your misdeeds and bad choices. 

Take heed, you can right the wrong in your life, but it will take strength and conviction to do this. 

So surround yourself with positive influences, and discard any unhealthy relationships. 

How to interpret the upright position?

The Devil Tarot Card appears when there are significantly damaging flaws in our lifestyles.

While the context may not always appear clearly to the sitter, something is wrong with how you choose to live your life.

And things need to change. 

On our journey through life, we are tasked with overcoming obstacles in order to achieve our full potential and realise our cosmic destiny.

However, if you succumb and worship shallow objects or become misguided by the attraction of materialistic achievements, 

As long as you pursue this false sense of status or power, you will never be able to grow and reach your full potential. 

Remember, the universe will continue to push you towards your potential, and if you stray from your path, it will continue to put obstacles in your way to help you learn, reflect and grow. 

Trust in the universe, feed your soul positive energy and recognise that your addiction does not serve you or others. 

Love and relationships

When The Devil appears, step back from any entanglements or budding relationships for those that are single. 

The Devil appears to us in an alluring form, but the true nature of what you are getting involved with hides beneath the surface.

Once you commit, it can become challenging to extract yourself from the situation. 

You are making unhealthy choices in love, allowing yourself to be used and abused in exchange for intimacy.

You are worthy of a meaningful and empowering relationship so take some time to develop your self-esteem and sense of self-worth. 

The right person will come when you are ready. 

Relationships are not meant to be forever.

Do not fear this outcome; toxic relationships cannot sustain growth.

They destroy it. 

Take time from your partner, and reevaluate what you need to feel fulfilled.

Communicate openly, but understand that problems need addressing. 

For example, there may be evidence of drug addiction, mental health issues or sinister forces at play. 

Purify your life, and if needed, seek professional help.  

Money and career

The massive figure, The Devil, looms over you, and in a career context, this may indicate that you feel trapped and powerless in a working environment that leaves you miserable. 

The money may be significant but at the cost of your happiness and integrity.

The adverse effects of your job life will spill into every other part of your life if they have not already. 

You may have a colleague who seeks to undermine you or sabotage your career, there is some deception at play, and you must be careful who you trust. 

If you need to leave, do it.

You have more agency and power than you think, and leaving a toxic situation can do nothing but make you a better person. 

Financially, you are in trouble, but you can remedy the situation.

First, actively take control of your finances, be more frugal, and let go of your material fixations. 

Avoid gambling and any endeavours that appear risky or require impulsivity. 

Health and spirituality

In a health context, you’re in poor hands.

You are the architect of your misfortune, and your choices harm your health as the situation stands. 

Unhealthy habits will be your eventual downfall: drug addiction, alcoholism, diet, or mental health need to be remedied swiftly. 

Seek out a professional.

You may require counsel and restoration. 

The Devil can also indicate a silent threat to your health.

See a doctor for a check-up if you have been feeling unwell or not quite yourself. 

Lastly, do not let it define you if you suffer from a chronic illness. 

You live under restrictions that others do not, but you still have a life to live, and that requires a level of agency that you deny yourself. 

Spiritually you have become engrossed with material status and wealth.

Your addiction to power is damaging, and you may have lost touch with the value of feeding the soul what matters - loving friends and family. 

There are harmful and destructive forces around you which are drawn to your negative energy.

Examine your feelings, and perhaps seek the assistance of mental health professional. 

Banish all negative influences from your life, and walk towards the light. 

Taking positive action will see your soul moving back towards balance. 

The Devil Tarot Reversed Meaning

The Devil, in reverse, indicates that there has been a positive shift in your life and you are consciously removing the negatives from your life. 

Freeing yourself from addiction, and removing the chains, is difficult.

But, it's the first step that is usually the hardest to take, and you have already done this. 

There may still be some things in your life that try to pull you down.

Avoid bad choices and people that may tempt you. 

Do not lose faith in yourself.

Walking away from a prison of your own making will test your resolve. So instead, stay true to who you know you can be. 

How to interpret the reversed position?

Whatever your current circumstance, you are finally starting to separate the truth from your perceived reality.

While this change in perspective may only be the tip of the iceberg, you are waking up to the fact that you have been misled and have played an active role in your bad choices.  

The path you will walk will not be easy, but it is necessary.

Remain resolute in your decision. If you are not already feeling better about yourself and who you will become, the results will come. 

If you’ve experienced a few close calls and managed to avoid dangerous or life-threatening outcomes, your luck will run out and head towards the light. 

Do not slide back into your old way of life. Avoid negative situations and abusive relationships. 

Love and relationships (reversed)

Things in your love life may have hit a rough patch.

You may feel that you and your partner are not suitable for each other, but these feelings have dissipated. 

The Devil’s appearance can also represent a near miss, a possible opportunity to cheat or have an affair has been refused, and you or your partner have chosen to stay committed and respect your relationship. 

The negative aspects of your current or past relationships do not weigh heavily on you anymore as you’ve recognised that you control your own life and have a say in what and how things affect you. 

For singles, now is the time to pursue that relationship with themselves.

You’ve already noticed that there is work to be done internally, and before you pursue any relationships, commit to self-love first. 

Enjoy this moment, go easy on yourself, and while you’re enjoying your newfound freedom, the person you deserve in your life will come forward. 

Money and career (reversed)

The future of your career looks promising.

You’ve probably been the biggest hindrance in your quest for fulfilment and prosperity in your work life. 

That time is coming to a swift end as you take responsibility for your actions and reflect on your career path and accountability.

Start redressing your past wrongdoings. 

Throw yourself wholeheartedly into this new chapter. Happiness is just around the corner. 

Financially, you’ve realised what you’re doing wrong and how destructive your choices have been. Control takes patience and care. 

Be kind, and don’t allow anyone to influence your newfound financial goals negatively. 

Health and spirituality (reversed)

Your health should be showing signs of improvement.

You have chosen to shed undesirable and harmful habits.

Your journey to recovery will require strength, determination and support. 

Do not underestimate small victories.

Carry them close, and let them nourish you as you grow stronger. 

Spiritually, the universe has taken it easy on you this far in your life, and while you have managed to overcome minor obstacles along the way, this is because the universe has been kind. 

Do not take your good fortune and ability to dodge harsh consequences lightly. Realise that you are not invincible and that any dalliance with darkness will eventually catch up with you. 

Stay in the light, and stay true. ​

Is The Devil A Yes or No Question?

It is a no. The Devil Card is also known as The Card of Illusion. This tells us that any choice we make in the affirmative will not turn out as we think it will. 

It may not be an emphatic no but rather an indication that you should investigate your choice more thoroughly and reflect on how it will serve you before making a decision. 

Is it a good card?

Yes, The Devil Tarot Card appears when you have lost your way and feel you don’t have the power or control to find your way back to the right path. 

Thankfully, its arrival signifies that you are the master of your fate and can change your circumstances, but you will have to work on yourself and accept responsibility for your actions. 

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