The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

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- June 30, 2022
Written by Aimi Davis 
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Key Facts

  • In some decks, The Hermit appears with his cloak covering some of the lanterns in his right hand, suggesting that he carries the light of truth but also must protect it from those who would sully its authenticity. 
  • European depictions of The Hermit often have him wearing a rosary and pulling on a bell rope while still holding the lantern. In this context, he is seen as a monk, removed from society, with a deep spiritual connection.

The Hermit Tarot Card represents a need to connect with oneself and reach a level of self-actualization through isolation. 

He is the protector of truth, and his presence is often discounted among crowds. 

In his right hand, he carries a lamp, whose simple light illuminates his direction in life and calls to those who seek to walk his path. 

He carries a patriarch’s staff in his left hand, allowing him to walk through the darkness confidently

We’ve been taught that being alone is not desirable, but the truth is that solitude and reflection can be as rewarding, if not more, than advice and counsel. 

The Hermit seeks knowledge that comes from within, and his presence suggests that you may need to take time out to connect with yourself without distractions.

Significant Keywords


  • Spiritual Enlightenment
  • Soul Searching
  • Self-Reflection
  • Introspection
  • Contemplation
  • Inner Guidance
  • Solitude


  • Loneliness
  • Paranoia
  • Isolation
  • Being Reclusive
  • Withdrawal
  • Anti-Social 
  • Restrictive
  • Paralyzed with Fear

The Hermit Upright Meaning

In the upright position, The Hermit appears when you are approaching the need to spend time alone. 

You need to do some soul searching, reflection, and experience spiritual growth. 

You can learn much about yourself when confronted with your inner voice, without any of the noise that so often distracts us from what’s important.  

If you’ve been hurt, you may go through a phase of separation or isolation, which will be okay as you recover. 

A person with sage wisdom and counsel may soon come into your life. 

If you’re suffering from any mental health issues, this would be an excellent opportunity to enlist the services of a professional. 

How to interpret the upright position?

You are not alone. 

Remember that a healthy relationship with yourself is a necessary first step towards spiritual mastery. 

When The Hermit appears, do not fixate on the message of isolation.

Instead, focus on your need to discover truth and insight into who you are. 

The truth will be your guide here, and to attain an actual perspective that can help you negotiate everyday life.

Time alone will be required. 

Love and relationships

In relationship readings, The Hermit suggests that you need to make more effort to connect with your partner. 

The two of you seem to play better as individuals, focusing your time on individual pursuits instead of finding common interests.

Some quality time together will do your union good.

For single people, The Hermit can signify the appearance of an older and wiser partner. 

If you’ve recently come out of a breakup, don’t rush into anything new.

Instead, take time out to rest, and recover from your heartache. 

Money and career

The Hermit indicates that the daily grind is wearing you down in a career reading. 

You are placing too much emphasis on material rewards. 

Your achievements and successes don’t stir your ambition as they once did. 

Your work-life doesn't bring you the satisfaction you desire, and this is because you have stopped pursuing your interests.

You are no longer spending quality time on your personal growth. 

It's becoming clear that money and status are no longer enough to drive you.

If you’re considering a career change, think about what it will give you rather than what you will make. 

Financially, you may feel that money isn’t all that it's cracked up to be, but it is still a necessary part of life. 

Consider how your financial situation can be improved, and approach new opportunities with a mature and calculated perspective. 

Health and spirituality

At times rest and recuperation can be just what the doctor ordered. 

You might feel guilty or out of place doing little to nothing, but slowing things down can be just as beneficial as an active lifestyle. 

Meditation is a healthy way to restore energy and connect with your inner spirit.

Make an effort to experience its power in your life. 

On a spiritual level, you should dedicate some time towards enlightenment. 

As The Hermit signifies a journey toward one's inner truth, this is a good time to do that. 

When you begin your search, don’t get too caught up in how you should experience your spiritual growth.

Experiment and know that your spirit guides are present, and you will be rewarded on a spiritual level. 

The Reversed Meaning

In the reversed position, The Hermit suggests that your time away from society, friends, and family must end. 

Your reasons for isolating yourself are valid, but there is a time to withdraw and a time to return.

And now you are ready to return. 

Feelings of shyness and anxiety about what will be, particularly in social settings, need to be confronted and dealt with.

There is a whole world for you to explore. 

Don’t let your fears stop you from enjoying the experiences of life. 

You might purposely avoid self-examination because you’re afraid of what you might discover. 

A deeper understanding of yourself is healthy. Don’t avoid it. 

How to interpret the reversed position during a reading?

Just as the tides retreat and advance, The Hermit acknowledges that there is a time to step back and a time to step forward, on your journey. 

Regardless of the situation, pulling back and reflecting on your feelings and actions is good for you.

However, too much time spent deliberating can make you indecisive and get you stuck in mental paralysis. 

In reverse, you may be spending too much time physically or emotionally withdrawn and isolated from others. 

Love and relationships (reversed)

In a love reading, The Hermit, in reverse, tells us that it's time to get back out there and experience life. 

You may have been hurt or needed some time alone, but you must reconnect with the world and people around you. 

Your self-imposed exile must come to an end. 

For those in a relationship, you might justifiably feel alone or disconnected from your partner. 

This dynamic needs your attention. Some introspection and communication from both of you will help clear the air. 

Proceed with care, and you will hopefully reconnect soon. 

Money and career (reversed)

In your work life, you need to be more assertive and confident in what you want.

So if you're interested in a promotion or leadership role, go for it. 

You have spent too much time as a wallflower, hiding your potential from yourself and those around you. 

Develop your confidence and push yourself outside your comfort zone.

You will be amazed at how others will receive your newfound initiative. 

Financially, in reverse, you should consider approaching an experienced and savvy advisor. 

They will give you the tools and understanding that you need to make wise decisions that will not leave you exposed to any losses. 

Avoid making any serious financial decisions on your own. 

Health and spirituality (reversed)

In a health reading, The Hermit Tarot Card can be a severe warning that you need to take a break. 

Your health may suffer from prolonged periods of stress and exhaustion. 

Be kind to yourself, and take time out to decompress and recover. 

You may also suffer from mental health issues like paranoia or agoraphobia. 

Solo spiritual exploration is good for you, but you need to balance your time and spend some of it with others. 

You should consider getting involved if there are opportunities to join groups or participate in some social activities. 

Is the Hermit A Yes or No Question?

In most situations, The Hermit is a no. 

The Hermit speaks to truth and reflection. 

So if you have a question and he appears to you, the answer is that you need to take time.

Decide what it is that you want, and the right choice will become apparent. 

Does this card represent positivity?

Yes, it is. Spiritual growth through reflection and self-awareness is always a good thing. 

The Hermit does not ask you to remove yourself from society for appearances but rather so that you can return, eventually, with purpose. 

What element is associated with this card?

The Hermit represents the Earth element - grounded and at peace with oneself. 

Why do I keep getting this during readings?

The Hermit will continue to appear to you until you make changes that alter your spiritual needs. 

If you ignore The Hermit, your situation will not change; therefore, he will continue to confront you. 

Do not expect messages from the universe to change if you are unwilling to.

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