The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

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- June 25, 2022
Written by Aimi Davis 
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Key Facts

  • The Hierophant is seen as a religious leader. In some Tarot decks, he is known as the High Priest or the Pope.
  • The Hierophant is the fifth card in the Major Arcana. In numerology, the number five is associated with the planet Mercury and speaks to our humanity.

Seated between two pillars, the Heirophant is the masculine counterpart to The High Priestess. 

The two pillars between which he finds balance are symbolic of the Kabalah.

One represents Mercy, and the pillar on the right, Severity. 

Other interpretations suggest that the pillar on the right represents law, and the one on the left, represents the freedom to obey or disobey. 

The Hierophant Tarot Card appears to those who are approaching a crossroads in their life. 

Traditional values and norms are within your comfort zone, but you may have a desire to explore other systems that could provide more fulfilment and comfort in the life you desire to have.

Meaningful Keywords


  • Traditional Institutions
  • Traditional Values
  • Conventional
  • Conformity
  • Marriage
  • Commitment
  • Religion
  • Beliefs
  • Knowledge Sharing


  • Challenging Tradition
  • Unconventional Lifestyles
  • Unconventional Relationships
  • Reversed Roles
  • Non-Conformity

The Hierophant Upright Meaning

The Hierophant's appearance in a reading speaks to a desire to become a part of the flock and embrace the conventional and prevailing social norms that govern your society.

This is not something to avoid or shy away from.

It speaks to your need to be a part of a system that is established and has a long-standing track record. 

Institutions that hold authority are more accessible for you to identify with.

The prevailing logic within a system that so many others have bought into brings comfort to you. 

The Hierophant's appearance suggests that you should stop fighting anything unorthodox and instead go with what is already in place. 

How to interpret the card in the upright position?

The Card of Structure, and order, The Hierophant, can be interpreted as a call to choose your path. 

In the upright position, it suggests that you have two options. 

  1. Conform to the expected norms of society, obey and live your life in accordance with the rules and expectations put forward by those who came before you. 
  2. Rebel, and not in the malicious sense. Find your path, blaze your own trail and adopt an approach that works for you. 

To make this choice, you may need to reflect on your personal beliefs and seek guidance from a religious figure. 

Love and relationships

For those in romantic relationships, marriage and commitment are predicted in your future. 

If you enjoy time with your partner, you can expect things to become more serious. 

As you and your partner recognise that you share similar core values.

The Hierophant is a good omen if you want more commitment. 

If you’re single, continue to place faith in the process and how relationships are formed.

A potential partner is within reach, and you will enjoy a relationship built on traditional values and find happiness. 

Money and career

The three-tiered crown present on The Hierophant’s head is a symbol of power and authority.

If there is an opportunity for you to collaborate with superiors or colleagues, do it.

Be mindful of their expectations of you and act accordingly.  

If you are in a position of authority, this may signify The Hierophany as The Acolyte card. 

You should expect and be open to taking someone under your wing, helping them learn from your experience.  

Financially, you should follow the standard conventions and practices that have been implemented for decades. 

Low-risk is your friend right now, so avoid dabbling in anything that could negatively expose your finances. 

If you’re looking for financial guidance, look to traditional institutions. 

Health and spirituality

Conventional medical beliefs and practices are where you should place your faith right now. 

If your health and overall wellness concern you, embrace age-old traditions and pick up a healthy exercise and diet routine that is tried and tested

Avoid experimenting with new lifestyle formulas that are said to improve one's health. 

In the spiritual context, The Hierophant represents a close and true connection with the spiritual realm. 

Typically, The Hierohphant’s appearance indicates a need to conform to mainstream religious beliefs. 

Your spiritual belief system may be in flux, and you may need to recommit to your religious heritage. 

If you have no affiliation to any religious space, putting some structure into your spiritual wellness might help you feel more connected with the universe. 

Bringing a sense of order to your spiritual practices will strengthen your resolve and commitment to your spiritual pursuits. 

The Hierophant Tarot Reversed Meaning

In the reverse position, The Hierophant is a sign to start questioning the structures and rules that are in place in your life. 

You may feel that the burden of conformity is too much. 

Your will and determination to live a life that is uniquely true to your values are impeded by the established norms that currently govern your life. 

Rigid conformity isn’t for you. 

Reflect, question, and decide what is right for you at this moment in your life. 

How to interpret the card in the reversed position?

Now is the time to step out of your comfort zone and break with the conventions you have placed much faith in for far too long. 

You likely felt the need to nurture your values from outside the scrutiny of those close to you but perhaps haven't dared to do so as yet. 

You need to listen to your inner voice.

You know what will make you happy, and that’s worth more than others' approval, and they will learn to accept your choices in time. 

If you are content with your lifestyle, there may be a person in authority with whom you are at odds. 

Adherence to your values will inform how the situation plays out. 

Love and relationships (reversed)

An unconventional relationship is on the cards for you in a love reading.  

For those in a romantic relationship, be aware of what you want and honour your needs. 

Conforming to make your partner happy is not a recipe for happiness. 

Here compromise is your ally.

Honest dialogue with an open mind will bring you more stability and understanding in your relationship. 

In reverse, typical gender roles may not be in place; this is not a problem. 

Money and career (reversed)

In a career reading, you're either going to or already are experiencing discomfort in your workspace. 

An authority figure or group of colleagues may feel you need to become a part of heard, get in line and follow the rules like everyone else. 

Conformity is a significant part of life,  and you must resolve your inner conflict in your work life. 

You’ll have to choose between playing by the rules of others or living by your own. 

Change is coming.

Make sure that your head and your heart are on the same page. 

Financially, you want to go out and do what you feel is right for you.

So being risk-averse is not a bad thing. 

Whatever decisions you make, be prepared for the consequences, both the wins and the losses.

Health and spirituality (reversed)

Changing your perspective and routine will aid you in your current health situation. 

You’re unable to see outside the conventional means that you’re denying yourself access to therapies, medications and lifestyle choices. 

Alternate methods may benefit you more than what you're currently doing.  

Spiritually, it's time to accept what gives you fulfilment and follow your intuition. 

Spirituality is not defined by attendance or a structured religion. 

Follow what feels right. You don’t need others to accept or understand; just remain true to yourself. 

Is The Hierophant A Yes or No Question?

Seek guidance and wisdom from a person in who you see authority. The Hierophant is neither a yes nor a no. It is a neutral card. 

What and who does this card represent?

The Hierophant represents those in religious and spiritual authority. 

People who have found balance within the structures and belief systems to which they belong.

What element does this card represent?

The Hierophant is associated with the element of Earth. This is an element that calls for stability and unity.

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