The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

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- June 15, 2022
Written by Aimi Davis 
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The Lovers Tarot Card meaning

The Lover's appearance speaks to a relationship's harmony and perfect balance. 

Through trust, The Lovers tell of a union that benefits both parties as their relationship gives them the confidence and strength to be more than they could be alone. 

In the card, some images symbolically represent love, affection, growth and stability. 

A healthy relationship with others and your relationship with yourself are core concerns when the Lovers Card appears. 

The Lovers Tarot Key Facts

  • In the Major Arcana, The Lovers Tarot Card is the 6th card.
  • The number 6 in numerology signifies times of bliss, harmony and happiness in your relationships.  
  • The tale of Romeo and Juliet speaks to the symbolic reading of The Lovers Tarot Card. Two lovers, desperate to make things work but unwilling to deal with the major challenges surrounding their relationship, ultimately lead to their untimely end. 

The Lovers Keywords


  • Love 
  • harmony 
  • relationships 
  • values alignment 
  • choices


  • Self-love 
  • disharmony 
  • imbalance 
  • misalignment of values

The Lovers Upright Meaning

In any Tarot Reading where The Lovers appear, be prepared to acknowledge that you have a good thing going but never take it for granted. 

Romantic relationships take work.

The mountains looming in the background of the card suggest that while you may be happy, things keep you from having a more intimate relationship with your partner. 

Communication is vital here. Make sure that lines of communication are open and that you are prepared to ask the tough questions. 

Be completely honest about your feelings and desires. 

True intimacy requires deep connections, so be vulnerable and allow a closer bond to take shape. 

How to interpret the upright Lovers tarot card?

The Lovers card can be seen in various lights depending on the context.

In your daily life, it represents major choices. 

The angels are sent to deliver a divine message. When that message arrives, it may appear as an epiphany.

It is vitally important that you recognise that for you to acknowledge that the aspect of choice, no matter the circumstance, requires a commitment or action.

Without either, the outcome will affect you negatively. 

Love and relationships

The Lovers Card affirms your romantic relationship. 

The significance of its appearance is not to be taken lightly. It is a complex card, often called The Card of Choice. 

The card represents a pair that works well, thrives together, and is happy. 

In relationships, it raises questions and offers choices: the choice of commitment, whether in a business context, relationship context or personally. 

There is an imbalance in your life. You will need to realise where that lack of balance lies; a choice between work or love, family or love, your values or image will have to be made. 

A struggle has you feeling as if something is missing. 

Resolving this conflict, making a worthy sacrifice, and choosing will bring you into a new space of harmony, happiness and love. 

Money and career

Business people often rely on this card to help them make informed decisions. 

The Lovers emerging from the Card Deck confirm, for the sitter, that they have to make a decision sooner rather than later. 

Business partnerships may not centre around love, but they rely on the same basic relationship strategies to remain healthy. 

Clear communication and expectations let all those involved in your business know where they stand (and vice versa).

Consider your choice carefully.

You are at a crossroads, but you cannot make your choice based on arbitrary information. 

Communicating with your needs and desires and your personal beliefs will be essential if you make the right choice. 

Health and spirituality

When taking care of yourself and your health, you will have to allow yourself to rely on others for the right kind of support and help. 

As the Card of Choice, you may currently be confronted with a choice that relates specifically to your health or your heart specifically. 

Be sure to take this as a signal to improve your level of self-care. 

In the spiritual context, The Lovers Tarot Card speaks to the harmony we seek within ourselves. 

While your spiritual journey does benefit you, this card also suggests that you may need a partner in some shape or form to continue your spiritual experience.

Perhaps with a friend or in a community context. 

The Lovers Reversed Meaning

In opposition to the Upright Meaning, the Reverse Meaning of The Lovers card shows that you are actively resistant or struggling to be accountable and make tough choices. 

This could be because you feel overwhelmed or uncertain of the consequences of your decision and are seemingly paralysed with indecision. 

Your choices determine your destiny, but you must actively make choices to become the master of your fate. 

In reverse, you may be out of sync, displaced, or even detached from what is happening around you. 

Confronting these choices will help you better understand who you are and what you are capable of doing.

If you fail to do this, you will remain stunted and continue reliving the same mistakes you struggle to learn. 

How to interpret the reversed Lovers tarot card?

The tree in the background represents growth.

While most of the other images represent love and happiness in one form or another.

And the snake represents transformation. 

These images speak significantly to what The Lovers card is about and how to interpret it. 

By denying yourself growth opportunities, and transformation, you deny yourself the ability to freely love as you fail to mature and evolve through life. 

Love and relationships (reversed)

In reverse, the card suggests that there is one part of your romantic relationship that remains healthy, most often your sex life.

But there are other facets of your relationship that have either been neglected or fail to receive the same attention that physical intimacy receives. 

There is more to your romance than the realm of the flesh. 

On an emotional and spiritual level, you and your partner may just be out of sync and need to reconnect on a less physical plane.

But there may be a more significant rift between the two of you that needs to be reconciled or confronted if your relationship will have a positive and happy future. 

If you are single and this card appears to you, it is a sign that your next partner will have to connect with you on more than one level. 

Money and career (reversed)

There may be some discontent in your chosen career or business relationships.

Communication in this regard is key, like any relationship.

Communication can be the difference between failure and success. 

If there is a possible romantic development in your work life, be cautious, you may end up making a choice you will later regret. 

Impulsivity rules the financial aspect of the Lovers Card in Reverse; you risk overindulging your materialistic desires and damaging your future financial success. 

Health and spirituality (reversed)

When The Lovers appear reversed in health and spirituality, it's time to look inward and focus on you. 

You’re out of touch with what matters, neglecting your health and spiritual well-being. 

Now is a time for some much-needed me-time. 

Rest, recover and allow your body to feel at peace so you can familiarise yourself with who you are again. 

You may feel out of sync with yourself, that your body or energy is letting you down. Practice some much-needed self-care and reconnect with yourself. 

The Lovers Yes or No Question?

It is a yes. Do not hesitate and make your choice with the confidence that all will be well as you throw yourself completely in your chosen direction. 

Is The Lovers card a twin flame?

Yes, a few Tarot cards symbolise a twin flame connection, but the Lovers Tarot Card is the most noteworthy. 

Twin flame cards speak to desire and passion, while the intensity of those emotions, out of balance, can indicate that this twin flame may not last but rather burn itself out. 

Sex life in retrograde?

Depending on which planet is currently in retrograde, the effects may vary, but as a general rule, remain cautious during retrograde periods. I

n terms of your sex life, while you may feel that this is an excellent time to try new things and experiment, instead, allow the planets to return to their natural state. 

If you’re interested in initiating a new relationship or a fling, approach with caution, as this may not be the best time to pursue new sexual relationships. 

What does The Lovers card represent?

It does speak to love and attraction, but it's more than just a love card. It represents balance and harmony within a relationship. 

The card speaks to aspects of relationships you’re involved in, personal, professional, and familial, the good and the bad. Your relationship with yourself is also a central concern when considering the implications of what The Lovers Card represents. 

Is The Lovers a good card?

Yes, although a complex card, The Lovers Card is a good card. 

Of course, all Tarot Cards, from a complete deck, are good cards; how you use the card's information ultimately informs the outcomes. 

For example, you have a message from the universe; if you listen, put your faith in yourself, and work towards manifesting a positive reality, then the Lovers Tarot Card is a good card.

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