The Six of Cups Tarot Card

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- July 21, 2022
Written by Aimi Davis 
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The Six of Cups tarot card often symbolizes nostalgia and memories from the past.

It can indicate that good times are ahead, as well as a message to cherish your childhood memories.

This card can suggest a sense of happiness and joy in a tarot reading, especially concerning romance and family. It could also indicate money coming your way or a windfall of some sort.

In terms of health, the Six of Cups is generally a good sign. However, it could also be a warning to take care of your health and not take it for granted.

Overall, this is a positive card and suggests that good things are on the horizon.

Your interpretation relies on the context of your life and the 'reason' behind your reading.

How is the Six of Cups tarot card depicted?

The Six of Cups is often depicted as a young boy or girl giving flowers to another child as gifts.

This could depict goodwill and sharing.

Pay attention to the flowers. There are five points on each, and they are white. There is also an older boy who seems to be smelling the flower as he gives it to a younger girl.

The children are usually standing in front of a house or castle. There is often green grass and blue skies in the background.

Yellow is the primary color in the picture.

Each of these symbols can be understood differently by different people.

If you draw a specific combination of cards from the deck at the same time as the Six of Cups, it will affect the card in a certain way.

This image's meaning is innocence, happiness, and nostalgia. It represents happy memories from the past and the potential for future happiness.

Key facts and statistics

  • The Six of Cups is often seen as a positive omen.
  • Six of Cups is a Minor Arcana tarot card.
  • It is traditionally associated with the astrological sign of Scorpio.
  • The lotus flower is a symbol of purity and spiritual enlightenment.
  • The Six of Cups is associated with the element of Water.
  • Often associated with the Sun.

Commonly associated keywords

  • Happiness.
  • Joy (Pleasure).
  • Nostalgia.
  • Family (Fertility).
  • Love.
  • Money.
  • Health.
  • Positive omens.
  • Hope.
  • Contentment (Satisfaction)

How to interpret this card in a psychic reading?

A Six of Cups tarot reading could involve you being asked about your happiest memories. The tarot reader would then interpret the cards to see your future.

The six cups are often seen as a positive omen, so the reading would most likely be optimistic.

However, if the Six of Cups is combined with certain other cards, it can take on a different meaning.

For example, if the Six of Cups is combined with the tower card, it could indicate that you will experience a sudden change or upheaval in your life.

The Six of Cups tarot card often symbolizes nostalgia and memories from the past.

It can indicate that good times are ahead, as well as a message to cherish those memories.

Upright position (meaning)

The Six of Cups upright position signifies happiness, nostalgia, and positive memories. It can also represent new beginnings.

When the Six of Cups is facing up, it brings back happy memories.

This can happen in many ways, like returning to your childhood home, getting in touch with old friends, or even dreaming about the happiest times of your life.

If you see the Six of Cups in an upright position, it is generally a good sign.

It reassures us that our hearts are at home.

Reversed position (meaning)

The reversed meanings of the Six of Cups tarot card can include sadness, regret, and nostalgia.

It can also represent missed opportunities, unfulfilled desires, or feeling stuck in the past.

When the Six of Cups is facing down, it represents all that we have lost.

It can be a reminder of what could have been or a sign that we are holding on to something that is no longer there.

It is time to let go of what is holding you back and start fresh.

It can also mean that you are having trouble growing and changing.

When the Six of Cups is turned over, it usually means that the seeker is trying to make other people happy, which is doomed to fail.

The person who wants to be happy must first be happy with themselves.

Love and relationships

The Six of Cups can mean two different things regarding love and your current relationship.

The first one says that you and your significant other have been together since you were kids.

Someone you could consider a childhood sweetheart or soulmate.

If other cards show up to back up the Six of Cups, it also means that you and your partner may have children in the future.

On the other hand, it means that you have problems in your life, like arguing.

Most likely, these fights are caused by people being too immature or unwilling to take responsibility for their actions.

These issues could be resolved by being more mature about your arguments if you want to be set free.

Careers and finance

The Six of Cups tarot card is a positive omen regarding your job and finance.

This is a time to focus on your career and put your all into it.

It indicates that good times are ahead, and you will most likely achieve your goals.

Your work projects will be valuable and profitable for everyone on your team. Use this time to get better and to encourage the people around you.

The desire for peace in your workplace makes cooperation a cornerstone of your working day.

You may get a promotion or make a significant amount of money.

You should also be careful not to let your success go to your head.

Stay humble and always be grateful for what you have.

What is the history of the Six of Cups?

The Six of Cups tarot card has been around for centuries. It is believed to have originated in Italy during the Renaissance period.

This was a time when people were interested in the occult and mysticism, and tarot cards were becoming increasingly popular.

In most of Europe, tarot card games are played with tarot cards. Since most English-speaking countries didn't know how to play Tarot card games, they are mainly used for fortune-telling.

Is the Six of Cups a yes card?

Yes, the six cups is generally a good sign indicating happy times ahead. However, as with all things in life, nothing is ever certain.

The Six of Cups shows that you should feel happy, hopeful, and free of stress.

You can smile when you think about your childhood; how you grew up has taught you a lot that helps you now.

Powerful card combinations

The best card combinations for the Six of Cups are the Sun, Ace of Pentacles, and Three of Cups.

These cards represent happiness, success, and abundance.

They also indicate that you should focus on your career and financial goals.

The Sun is an excellent omen, as it represents new beginnings and happiness.

The Ace of Pentacles indicates that your hard work will pay off, and you will be rewarded handsomely for it.

The Three of Cups is a sign of celebration and good fortune. It reminds you to enjoy your success and not take it for granted.

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