The Sun Tarot Card Meaning

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- June 15, 2022
Written by Aimi Davis 
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The Sun Tarot Card meaning

If The Sun Tarot Card appears to you during a Tarot reading, it indicates that good things, positive and uplifting things, will present themselves to you in your near future.

The Sun Tarot Card holds immense positive energy, and as the Sun is seen as the bringer of all life on Earth, it has a message of beautiful and radiant energy.

The energy that sustains and nurtures all life. 

When you witness The Sun Tarot, know that you will be okay.

You may have recently experienced trials and obstacles in your life, but if you can remain positive and continue along your path, the future will be brighter.

You will experience the success that aligns with your enthusiasm for life. 

The Sun Tarot Key Facts

  • The Sun Tarot Card is viewed widely as the best Tarot Card that can appear to you from a deck reading. Its inferences of positivity, opportunity, and enthusiasm resonate well with people who are genuinely looking forward to a more positive future. 
  • The 19th card in the Traditional Tarot Card Deck represents a transformation toward the positive. Beyond cosmically coincidental, the number 19 also represents a shift or change towards positive manifestations in numerology. 

The Sun Keywords


  • Success
  • Manifestation
  • Positivity
  • Energy
  • Material Gain
  • Prosperity


  • Mysterious Future
  • Relationship Troubles
  • Loss Of Something Of Value (Material Or Emotional). 

The Sun Upright Meaning

The Sun Tarot Card is also known as The Card of Abundance.

Its appearance in The Upright Position bodes well for your future. 

As much as The Sun Tarot Card speaks to future success in the upright position, it also indicates that you exude confidence and high energy.

You're already, in some ways, both happy and prosperous. 

It appears to those who radiate physical energy themselves as an energetic card. You are a person who attracts others to you.  

You’re full of ambition, trust in who you are, embody the sun's energy, and you will be a success. 

Love and relationships meaning

If you are sitting for a love reading and The Sun Tarot Card appears to you, then you are blessed. 

You are fortunate that in your everyday life, you can experience fun, joy and passion in a relationship that makes you truly happy. 

The emergence of The Sun is, however, also a call for you to reflect on your relationship and nurture those points that you perhaps take for granted. This is so you can continue enjoying the beautiful energy exuded from your romantic relationship. 

Career meaning

In its upright position, The Sun Tarot Card speaks to professional success. 

In the illustration, there are three sources of positive energy, the Sun, the horse, and the sunflowers. The symbolism in the card speaks to aspects of positivity and transformation.

Those three powerful symbols speak to your career success. 

It is a significant card to receive if you're experiencing or going through hard times.t may be time for a reality check, a little self-evaluation and perspective. 

Stepping back from your situation may help you appreciate how far you’ve come and how much farther you can still go. 

Everything is going to be okay. Your commitment and energy guarantee it. So stay the course because great things are coming your way. 

Finances and money meaning

You may worry about money and financial position, perhaps too much. 

The Sun Tarot Card has appeared at this time to reignite your focus. 

There are opportunities around you.

And while you may worry that you’re in over your head, or doubting your ability, if you remain focused and continue your path with optimism, hope and passion, you will not falter. 

The Banner held aloft is particularly important here, as the banner is more than just an announcement that one has arrived.

It is hoisted up as a signal, a rallying cry, and allows you to understand that success is not necessarily a path you must walk alone. So if you’re unsure or in financial trouble, speak to someone you trust, and ask for help - you do not have to walk this journey alone. 

The Sun Reversed Meaning

The Sun Tarot Card appearing in its Reversed Position is not to be taken lightly.

However, this card is never to be taken as a negative card, as the energy and positivity that the Sun puts out means that this stage or time in your life is temporary.

If you actively pursue life with passion and optimism, with hope in your heart, you will overcome the struggles and obstacles in your life. 

Love and relationships meaning

If you’re currently in a relationship or single, take note of the symbolism within the card, the wall set in the background represents a barrier. 

This barrier may be present in your relationship. As a result, you may feel left out, ignored or undervalued. 

You need to remember that it is better to work things out together in a relationship.

Raise your banner, rally your partner and work towards repairing those parts of your relationship that have been neglected or under nurtured.

Prioritise quality time, giving each other the space to feel seen and heard. 

Appear to your partner with a sense of innocence and exude an almost undiminishable childlike energy.

Relationships take commitment and vulnerability too. 

If you’re single, you may be spending too much time focusing that passion and energy in the wrong direction. That same wall may not be an external force. But, it could very likely be you. 

Your excessive enthusiasm for dating or securing a partner may be working against you. 

This is a sign that perhaps you need to spend a little more time focusing on yourself and come to terms with that wall and why it's there in the first place. 

Career meaning

If this card appears in the Reverse Position, it is most likely that you aren’t satisfied with your journey toward your career goals.

This may be because of the environment that you currently find yourself in or one of your own making. 

The Sun Tarot Card bathes the sitter in light, which banishes all distractions and excuses.

If something is within your power to change, where you can exercise control, then you owe it to yourself to pursue that change and further success in your life.

However, you are more than capable of turning the situation around. 

It is within your power to attain exactly what you want. Although the consequences of moving forward may appear daunting, if you actively move towards manifesting your desires, you will succeed. 

Finances and money meaning

You may be experiencing a negative financial situation, or perhaps financial choices that you’ve made in the past are about to catch up to you. 

In reverse, the Sun Tarot Card presents negativity, however, only temporarily. 

You must evaluate where you went wrong and take positive steps to address the situation before it becomes too complicated to contain or handle. 

Remember, you can also rely on others to help you through this difficult time. 

Health and Spirituality 

In terms of Health, The Sun in reverse can mean that your negative thoughts and attitude exacerbate your current health issues.

If you are currently struggling with illness or health issues, it's a sign that healing can and will take place if you can shed your negative energy and intentionally embrace a more positive outlook. 

Spiritually, you may be feeling a little lost or unable to connect on a spiritual level with the universe. 

Your ability to humble yourself before a more powerful force is there. 

Yet you seem unsure of what’s next, and this may be causing you to doubt your connection with the universe. 

You cannot feel love and energy from your surroundings if you’re struggling to feel optimistic about who and where you are in life. 

Be positive.

The universe wants you to be the best version of yourself, but it cannot assist you when you doubt yourself constantly. 

Is The Sun A Yes Or No Card?

The Sun Tarot Card is most definitely a yes card. It opposes The Moon Tarot Card, which represents deception and caution. 

The Sun embodies all the sun has to offer, energy, warmth, joy, hope and life. 

It is always to be considered a yes card. 

The Sun Tarot Card Questions

What is the meaning of the Sun tarot card?

The Sun Tarot Card embodies all that can be and will be. A rising sun brings with it a new day and new possibilities. 

It's a sign that the world can be how you want it to be, full of joy, happiness and life, but you also have to choose to actively pursue those parts of life instead of fixating on the negative. 

What is the meaning of the Sun reversed?

The Sun in Reverse Position is still positive, it calls for a change in perspective or attitude, but essentially, in the reversed position, The Sun Tarot Card is both the question and the answer. 

You can live a happy life, but are you willing to choose to make a happy life? 

What does the Sun tarot card mean in a love reading?

In a love reading, The Sun is all positive. Whether single or in a relationship, it tells us we should commit to love. So, if you’re in a relationship and considering taking things to the next level, do it. 

If you’re single, focus on developing your love for yourself before rushing into any relationships. Find comfort in your presence, learn more about yourself and practise self-love and care. 

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